Introducing "GCH"

A Product Line Brought to You By "GAD GROUP TECHNOLOGY INC., 


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What is GCH?


GAD Group has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and ClearCenter to offer the GCH platform for customer premises.  The GCH Platform is offered in two options: Network and Server.  GCH Network includes core functionality that enables the device to be the primary network gateway, or firewall at the customer site.  GCH Server offers the ultimate in functionality for a customer.  GCH Server can function as a Network  Attached Storage (NAS) device, or as a File Server.  

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

The Cornerstone of the GCH Security Appliance is Gateway.Management.

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GCH Platform Hardware


- HPE Microserver Server Technology

- 8 GB RAM Standard

- 1 TB HDD Standard

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GCH Software


- ClearOS Linux

- Software RAID

- Network Attached Storage

- File Sharing / File Server

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GCH Network


- Network Gateway: Dynamic IP / Software Defined Network (SDN) / Multi WAN

- Firewall 

- Gateway Management 

Specs & Features


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Firewall Technology (Linux Firewall)

- simply open ports (or port ranges) for services running locally on the server. If a service requires connections from outside your network  (i.e. running a web or mail service on a system configured for gateway and server), a corresponding port or port range will need to be added
- Plethora of features & plugins that make it much more than just a firewall. Enjoy enhanced network security and automatic updates and many more features. 

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- VPN server operates securely and in a cost effective way to provide road warrior VPN access to resources on the network.


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- multi-WAN feature in ClearOS allows connectivity to your system to multiple Internet connections.
  - Multi-WAN offers benefits to environments requiring a reliable connection to the Internet, including load balancing, packet segregation and automatic failover.
- The use of this app requires a minimum of two ISP connections to the Internet and three (3) Network Interface Cards (NIC) on this server. * Please note, this app does not provide bandwidth aggregation (aka bonding).

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Anti Malware

The ClearCenter Antimalware Updates service provides daily signature updates in addition to those that are freely available from the community. Research shows small businesses experience, on average, 5 malware events per year.

- Recovering from the damage done by a virus can range from a low of $50-$100 for a malware removal tool/professional support to an incalculable cost if significant productivity or data loss occurs.